Paintball FAQ’s

Q) Do I have to use your paintballs?

A) Yes, we are a Field Paint Only Facility.

Q) Do you repair paintball markers?

A) We repair most of the major paint ball marker brands.

Q) Do you re Hydro air tanks?

A) No. Most local dive shops are able to re Hydro your tanks

Q) Do you offer group rates?

A) Yes. We offer group rates for 10 players or more. We also offer Birthday Rates. For group or Birthday prices
please contact us at 910-937-6334

Q) What are your Prices?

A) Complete Rental Package is $35.00 ( includes field fee, air refills, gear and 500 rds of paint)

Q) Can I bring my own gear?

A) Yes, except for paint.  Field fee $6.00  air refills $12.00

Q) What is the minimum age to play?

A) 11 years old

Q) Do we need reservations to play?

A) Only on the weekdays.  In order to reserve play on the weekdays you must pay deposit of $150.00 to reserve
and have referees available for your group.

 Q) Paintball hours on Weekends and Weekdays

Saturday: 10:00 am to 5:00 pm.  Air station closes at 4:30pm       Sunday Noon to 4:30pm   Air station closes at 4:00pm    Weekdays :By Appointment only


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