Paintball Rules & Safety Information

Paintball Park Safety Rules

  1. All players must register at the main office.
  2. All players must enter the playing fields through the dugout and chronograph your markers.
  3. Masks must be worn on the playing fields at all times.
  4. Barrel covers or plugs must be used at all times when not in/or on the playing fields.
  5. All markers must be chronograph @ 285 feet per second or less.
  6. No shooting in the dugout or in the parking area. A cleaning fee will be charged.
  7. No shooting at Referees or employees.
  8. No alcohol or illegal substances or use thereof.
  9. No profanity.
  10. No physical contact between players.
  11. No shooting of other players within 6 feet or “Bunker Rules.”
  12. No blind firing.
  13. No diving or running into the bunkers.
  14. No resting or jumping on the bunkers.
  15. No relocation or removal of field obstacles.
  16. One quarter size hit eliminated player.
  17. Player must raise hands when hit by marker.
  18. Injured players notify Referee or Staff.
  19. Referee and Staff has final say.

Be Smart and Play Safe!

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