Indoor Pistol and Rifle

IMPORTANT: Our Indoor  Range is open Tuesday- Friday 11-6  Saturday 11-5  Sunday 12-5   We are currently running 11 lanes, we highly recommend that you give us a call and reserve your spot.


The Sportsman’s Lodge maintains a 75 foot (25 yards) indoor pistol and rifle range. We have twelve (12) shooting positions. Each lane is equipped with a table and an electric target carrier. A public viewing area is available; however, for safety reasons we do not
allow spectators on the range.



Sportsman’s Lodge offers ZSA pistol matches twice a month. Come in
and test your self against the area’s best shooters. Share tricks of the trade with
fellow shooters.

GSSF matches are scheduled throughout the year.

Girl and A Gun  twice a month

A great place to stay sharp or enhance your skills so that you are ready for anything.

Our lanes are semi-private so that you can concentrate on honing in on
the target.


For more information on how to become a member of our indoor range, please click here.


Archery Range


For more information on our 25 yard outdoor archery range, please click here.

  • Shotgun Range


For more information about our 25 yard outdoor shotgun range, please click here.

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