Pistol Range FAQ’s

Q) What are the Range Fees? 

A) $18.00 Per Person for max of 1 hour.  $15.00 Per Person if you purchase our ammunition. $12.00 Per Person on Wednesday with you Valid LE or Military ID. Every person that enters the Range must pay the Range  Fee.

Q) Can I use my own ammunition?

A) Yes. As long as it’s brass casings. We do not allow steel case or steel core ammunition. The only time we require the use of our ammunition is if you rent one of our rental pistols. On our outside steel target range lead free frangible ammunition is required.

Q) Can I shoot my rifle at your range?

A) Yes, however the following list are the only approved rifle calibers for our range: .300 Blackout, .30-30 Winchester, 7.62 x 39mm, 6.5 Grendel, .30 Carbine, .243 Winchester, .223/5.56mm, .22 Mag, .22 Long Rifle, .17 HMR, and pistol caliber rifles such as 9mm, .40 S&W, .38 SPL, etc.

Q) Do you do repair guns?

A) Yes, our certified Gunsmith can perform repairs to your weapons. Our in house Gunsmith can perform many services. Contact us for all of the services provided.

Q) Are minors allowed in the range?

A) Must be accompanied by an adult. Minimum  age of minor is 8 years old.

Q) Do you offer CCH classes?

A) Every Saturday  9-5PM   Pre Registration Required

Q) Do you accept FFL Transfers and what do I need to pick up the firearm?

A) Yes we do. Transfer fee is $35.00 per weapon. For pistols you will need to provide a valid North Carolina CCH License or a valid Purchase Permit from any County in North Carolina. For long guns you will need to provide a valid NC Drivers License or State Id or Military Id with orders or proof of residency. In addition for all weapons you will need to provide a valid picture ID.

  • Can I shoot my own suppressed firearm on your range?

Yes, but you must show the proper documentation of ownership (bring a copy of your tax stamp).

Q) What are the procedures to shoot in the Range ?  

A) The Range is open to the Public, prior to using the Range you must perform the following

1) Safety Video

2) Liability Waiver

3) Sign Liability Waiver Range Card

4) Fill daily range roster sheet

5) Pay Range Fee

Q) What is the latest i can get in the range?  We take last shooters 45 minutes prior to closing the store. Range goes cold 15 minutes prior to closing store



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